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DVDs For Sale

full of tales dvd

Life is full of Tales. $20

An unforgettable cast of charcters make up this fun-loving, hard-working, play-happy pack of pets.

There is Drifter, the chocolate lab that insists on having his nose, paw or tail in every scene; Hogwash, the Razorback Hog rescued from a wild boar hunt; Rumble and Thunder, the huge, playful Clydesdales; Whiskers, the Bearded Pig; plus running emus, racing donkeys, free-flying parrots, trick hogs, a trained cat and talking birds. 100 minutes.

full of tales dvd

Amazing Pig Tricks. $35

An easy, step-by-step method that shows you how to train your pig basic obedience as well as how to perform many exciting tricks from the very simple to the more complex.

Teach your pig to sit, bow, play soccer, sit-up, crawl, wave, ride a skateboard, lie down, walk backwards, roll out a carpet and more. Over 30 behaviors in all. 75 minutes.

full of tales dvd

There's a Pig in the House! $35

This video is a valuable educational tool for any Pot-Bellied owner. It provides a frank but charming look at house breaking, veterinary care, grooming, diet and nutrition and weight management.

It teaches: anticipating and avoiding behavior problems, diseases, relationships with other animals, socializing, proper living environments, general health training and more.

Any Two for $55 / All three DVDs--$65
Prices include tax, shipping & handling within the USA. To Order:
Send a check to Top Hogs, 11400 Folsom Pt., Franktown CO 80116


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