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  • The Tonight Show "The most talented pigs in the world"--Jay Leno
  • Late Night with David Letterman
  • FOX Morning Show "Mudslinger is the Smartest Pig in the world"
  • Juliet, of the Mike and Juliet morning show 1st place winner
  • San Diego County Fair (5th largest fair in North America)
    "Top Hogs draws the biggest crowds we have had in years"
  • Iowa State fair
  • California State fair
  • Animal Planet's Pet Star, 1st place winner
  • National Geographic's Hog Genius Starring role

Libraries, Schools, Senior Centers & More

  • Denver County
  • Douglas County
  • Arapaho County
  • Jefferson County
  • Kiss a Pig Reading Programs

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Cast-A-Ways Show

An Amazing Comedy filled Trick Animal Show Starring a Bird and Dog and a Hog That is Action-Packed Fun for the Entire Family!

This crowd pleaser has been thrilling audiences at fairs and other events, entertaining thousands all over America

The "Cast-a-Ways" is a variety show made up of all rescue animals that have made it to the big time. This star team consists of an animated cockatoo, a playful dog, and an amazing pig.

Its show time...Thrill to 30 plus minutes of non-stop action, audience participation and education in this three act show, as the animals perform exciting tricks to music and the cues of renowned animal trainer and performer John Vincent.

Panji the Cockatoo opens the act...

Panji, who might be the single most talented Parrot in the country, opens the show by clowning around with a bell, misbehaving, and making promises he will not keep. The kids yell and scream with laughter.
Panji then gets serious reenacting a science experiment on animal intelligence and problem solving, using food on a rope and then putting a puzzle together, matching both shapes and colors.

Watch This....

But Panji is not done; it is time to have some fun so Panji goes for at scooter ride and then roller skates around the table (like he did for Animals Planet's "Pet Star").


Act II: Bullet the Australian Cattle Dog ...
Bullet warms up with the traditional dog tricks by sitting, laying down, playing dead and rolling over. He then moves on to more difficult and fun tricks where he limps, crawls, and spins.

Just because you're star does not mean you do not have to help clean-up, so he puts his toys away and places the trash in a foot operated trash can.

Watch this Dog JUMP...

Bullet demonstrates his athletic and comedy ability by jumping high thru hoops.
The games continue with Frisbee, as Bullet makes great catches by jumping and spinning, running between legs and jumping over John.

The next stunt is astounding... when Bullet weaves between John's legs forward. And then weaves backwards? Yes! This difficult trick is a must see.

You ain't seen nothing yet, Act III...the finale!

The theme is sports and the animal is a pig. The act begins with Mudslinger raising the American flag.

Let the games begin...

With piggy golf like you have never seen before, soccer with a dribbling clinic, a complicated Frisbee routine, and much more, this amazing pig's abilities will astound you!
But wait...he is not done yet. Mudslinger packs himself in a suitcase for the trip home and takes a bow

WOW... All those animals and so many tricks!

After the show the audience is invited to meet the stars and John answers questions.

Show running time; About 30 Minutes but can be customized.
Staging; Flexible from small venues like School auditoriums or Libraries, to a full stage at the major fairs.
Support; The show is choreographed to its own music supported by existing or portable sound system.
Special requirements; All animals are USDA certified and performances are conducted humanely. No Animal is harmed or in danger at any time.


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Top Hogs Performance Information:

Show Running Time:
Customizable -- From 25 to 45 Minutes Show
Flexible from major fairs, full state shows to venues like School auditoriums or Libraries.
The show is choreographed to music supported by existing or portable sound system.
Special Requirements:
All animals are USDA certified and performances are conducted humanely. No Animal is harmed or in danger at any time.


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