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Wonderful & Great Entertainment!

TOP HOGS SHOW-- the next,
crowd-pleasing show for your event!

A world of trained animals doing amazing things. From New York to California, the Tonight Show to your stage.

Affordable, easy to stage, flexible performances are just a click away..



tophogs show

The Country's Premier Trick Pig Act!
Pigs perform amazing tricks from sports to impressions, and much more. Award winning, ideal for fairs, festivals, schools and special events!

Enjoy Great Family Entertainment at its best!

Don't take our word for it, ask Jay Leno "The most talented pigs in the world"

San Diego County Fair: "Top Hogs show was the biggest draw we have had in years"


thunderbirds show

Amazing! Funny! OUTRAGEOUS!

The only show around with brilliantly-colored parrots making breathtaking flights over the audience with their four foot wing span.

Watch them Roller Skate, Ride Scooters and much more.

Denver Schools: "We have never seen such unbelievable stunts and such a demonstrations of intelligence as we have seen today "


castaways show

Non Stop Family Fun!

A Dog, a Pig, a Cockatoo, once abandoned now brilliant performers. This show has it all. Soccer, Roller Skating, Amazing Frisbee tricks.

Entertaining, Educational, a Crowd Pleaser

Denver County Libraries:
“Top Hogs is our most popular show"




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